EarthPath's mission is to provide educational information to those interested in or dedicated to Earth-centered spirituality. The curriculum on this site is designed to give the student the materials needed to become knowledgeable in general Earth-centered shamanic spirituality. In the EarthPath Tradition, our goal is to assist the student in identifying his/er personal spiritual path and encourage the student to pursue that path. We accept and honor the student’s choices and rejoice in the diversity it brings to our circle.
Teaching Philosophy
Should a student become interested in being ordained into a ministerial position through EarthPath, completing the entire curriculum will prepare the student for that ordination. However, a student may elect to complete the course work while not being ordained. In that case, the course work will prepare the student for spiritual leadership in whatever role s/he wishes to fulfill. The complete course is extensive and takes four to ten years to complete, depending upon the student. Progression is always determined on an individual basis. For those students who have been studying either as a solitary or under the tutelage of another teacher or tradition, please email WindRider (use the “contact” link) to work out a means of determining where your EarthPath study should begin.
Training and Course Information
EarthPath study may be done through the student/mentor program, in online/long distance guided learning or as a member of the Circle of the Owl and Kestrel (O.A.K. Circle), located in Wise County, Texas. Listed below are the mentors currently with EarthPath. There is no charge for the student/mentor program, online guided training or circle membership. 



An active part of the Pagan Community since 1993, ordained through the Universal Life Church and Ozark Avalon Church of Nature. Specialties are music, dream interpretation, Reiki, and crystal balancing.


An active member of the Pagan Community since 1993. Specialties are tarot, magickal oils and teaching.

Climbing the Mountain: Making Connections
Ministry Within the Pagan Community

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