My Biography

Silverwind began a course of self-study in 1991 when he assisted and later managed a new age shop in Omaha, Nebraska. Working in the Ye Olde Magick Shoppe gave him the advantage of being able to speak with and learn from Pagans from many different paths and with many different perspectives on Wicca and Paganism. In addition, he had the whole of the shop's library at his disposal and was able to evaluate books for their validity, honesty and practicality. He has traveled to many places around the country and visited Pagan and new age shops wherever he has found them. He has a keen sense of authenticity and energy quality. Through this experience, he has developed a special quiet wisdom that serves him and his students well.

Silverwind is a highly skilled Tarot reader and has taught workshops on the Tarot. He is also known for hand-blending perfumes from essential oils, based upon a person's basic astrological chart. His oils have been used for personal improvement, career enhancement, and relationships, as well as for special occasions and rituals. He lives in the country, an hour northwest of the Dallas/Forth Worth area with his wife WindRider, two dogs, five house cats and two feral cats. Silverwind and his wife are active in local animal rescue organizations, acting as emergency pick-up/drop-off agents and providing foster shelter for abandoned or relinquished pets.


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About Me

Birthday: December 2

Home: Wise County, TX

Expertise: Tarot