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WindRider began her alternative spiritual journey in 1989 when a significant life-changing event occurred. She attended her first Wiccan circle at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in St. Louis in 1992 and knew she had found her true spiritual path. She began working and learning at home with her daughter as well as attending meetings of the UU Women's Full Moon Circle. When the leaders of this group changed their focus, she and her daughter continued working alone.

A year after their introduction to Wicca, WindRider and her daughter began tutelage under Kicho Ehleran in the Blue Star Tradition and were dedicated in the fall of 1993. As a member of Field Star Coven, WindRider helped to found the annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic. From the forty attendants its first year in 1993, the picnic has grown to become a two-day event held the last weekend of July, attracting as many as 2,000 people from around the country, both Pagan and non-Pagan. WindRider remained active in this event until 1998, when her available spare time was taken up by her marriage and her move to Texas.

WindRider was ordained through Universal Life Church May 27, 1998 and through Ozark Avalon Church of Nature, September 1, 2002 (located west of Columbia, Missouri). She was on the Board of Directors of both Ozark Avalon and Omnistic Fellowship (OF) in St. Louis, Missouri, for which she was a founding member and President for several years. As a member of OF, she assisted with the foundation of the Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions (C.A.S.T.), in St. Louis, Missouri and was active in this organization until her move to Texas. Until 2004, C.A.S.T. was responsible for the coordination and presentation of St. Louis Open Full Moons, New Moons, the annual Pagan Picnic, Spring Fling, Fall Ball and Magickal Weekend.

WindRider has taught religious education to both adults and children, in both classroom and workshop environments. She was an instructor for Cherry Hill Seminary (CHS) and was on the CHS Executive Committee. She has led and participated in both public and private rituals.  She has a Master's Degree in Media Communications, with additional studies in Management and Writing. She has written songs for the mountain dulcimer and Native American flute. The lyrics are posted at “Music by WindRider.” She is currently re-recording her music in preparation for the production of the CD’s Of Bards, Dreams and Other Things and Sacred Times, Sacred Spaces. She lives in the country, an hour northwest of the Dallas/Forth Worth area with her husband SilverWind, two dogs, five house cats and two feral cats. WindRider and her husband are active in local animal rescue organizations, acting as emergency pick-up/drop-off agents and providing foster shelter for abandoned or relinquished pets.


EarthPath: Building a Web of Alternative Spirituality


Birthdasy: October 9

Expertise: Reiki Master, Bardic Path, energy healing, dream work

Member: Pagan Clergy Network

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Favorite Vacation: Disney World

Favorite book: The Davinci Code

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing

Favorite Quote: We are all manifestations of the same Deity, seeking every possible path to Our destination.

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